Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Thunderbird email/newsreader client for Ubuntu

Thunderbird email/news clientSeveral months ago, I started using the Thunderbird email/newsreader client from Mozilla on my Windows XP machine. You can see the full review in this post. Since Thunderbird still has one of the best spam filters on the planet, it was one of the first apps I installed in Ubuntu 8.04 when I made the switch. I'm not a big fan of Evolution - I'm not sure why, it just kind of "feels boxy". If you're not quite happy with Evolution, give Thunderbird a try - it's available right from Applications>Add/Remove>Internet> Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News. And although I haven't tried it yet, Mozilla (the same people that gave us the Firefox web browser) also produces Lightning, a calendar extension for Thunderbird. You'll have to use the Synaptic Package Manager to get it. Click on System> Administration>Synaptic Package Manager and then search for "lightning". The package you need will be called "lightning-extension" (English language).

What next?
If you have a problem or question, leave a comment, I'll be glad to help. I'm still new at Ubuntu, too - but it may be that I've already been where you're at.
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