Monday, April 14, 2008

DeepBurner 1.9 Review - Free CD burning software

Deepburner free cd burner software menu            DeepBurner autorun menu

Deepuburner label menu            DeepBurner print case insert menu

Download Deepburner free CD burning software


Free CD burning software that's just as good as Nero, but without the $80 price tag. Deepburner has all the features that most people need for burning CDs, plus the added capability of burning data DVDs. And it's easy to use - all operations are performed thru a simple wizard interface. You can burn or erase single and multi-session CDs, append to mulit-session CDs, burn ISO images and write data DVDs. There are also convenient wizards for creating autorun menus for CDs and DVDs and for printing labels. You can even print booklets and case inserts to go with the CD/DVDs. And it's fast, too - in my testing it burned 200MB in under 1 minute.

The Bottom Line...

Fast, easy-to-use and full-featured CD burning software. And considering the price, there's no reason not to download and try this program.

Download Deepburner 1.9 free CD burning software


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