Monday, April 7, 2008

ClipDiary 1.4 - A free,must-have copy/paste utility

Clip Diary Copy/Paste Utility

ClipDiary 1.4 Download

What with maintaining two sites, both in blog format, I do a LOT of copying and pasting. I've used several clipboard utilities over the years, but recently started a search for one that meets my current needs. The best one I've found to this point is ClipDiary (Clipboard Diary).

This handy little utility sits quietly in your system tray, keeping track of everything that you copy to the clipboard. To use ClipDiary, just position your cursor where you want to paste an item,single-click on the task-tray icon (or a press a hotkey combination that you can specify), and the ClipDiary program window pops-up. This window contains a list of all the items in the clipboard history - just double-click on an item to paste it into your document where you positioned the cursor before.

You can also use ClipDiary to copy an item back to the clipboard selecting by an item and pressing the copy button. This is useful if you're like me and the ctl-v keyboard combination has become second-nature from using it so much.

A number of settings are avaliable in the Main>Options window. You can specify hotkey combinations for the various operations, set the location of the database used to store the clipboard history, change the default database, and control the maximum number of items to be stored in the database. I set this down to a fairly low value, as most of my work involves values that change frequently.

A couple of suggestions to make this program even better. One would be to allow resizing of the program window - it's a little large for my taste. The other is the ability to delete individual items from the list in the clipboard history.
Author's update - You can delete individual items from the list in the clipboard history - just hightlight the item and press the delete key (duh..I thought you could not delete them because there's no right-click menu)

The Bottom Line...

If you do a lot of copying and pasting, whether while maintaining a website, writing documents or computer programming, then I would definitely recommend giving this utility a try. It's light on system resources (about 3.5MB of ram) and easy to use. After a while, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. ClipDiary is free software and can be downloaded here > ClipDiary 1.4 download site.

While you're on the author's site, check out FlashPaste, a more powerful, paid cousin to ClipDiary that allows you to specify the value of frequently-pasted text or images.


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