Monday, March 31, 2008

Swift To-Do List Lite Review - A free to-do list manager that doesn't try to be a PIM

Swift To-Do List Lite screenshot

Shortly after I started this blog, I realized I needed something better than Notepad to manage my list of things to do with it. So I started searching for an application that would allow me to do just one thing - manage a simple list of to-do items. All I wanted to do was to be able to prioritize the to-do items and check them off when they were completed, and possibly set a due-date for each item.

Most of the applications I found were far from simple - many of them tried to be full-blown Personal Information Managers. But luckily, I came across Swift To-Do List Lite. This is a simplified version of it's full-featured cousin, Swift To-Do List, published by a company called Dextronet.

This handy little app installs easily, has a relatively small footprint (about 17MB), and sits out of the way in the task tray when minimized. A single-click on the task tray icon brings up the program. It can handle multiple to-do lists, with a handy tree-view of all the lists in the left-hand part of the program window. Highlight one of the to-do lists and a list of all the items in it is shown in the right side of the window.

There are convenient toolbar buttons for adding a new item or a new list. When you click on add item, a dialogue pops up prompting you for the title of the item, an optional priority, type (personal, work, etc.) and due-date. This dialogue also allows you to set a reminder for the item. You can also enter more detailed notes for each item. I liked the fact that when an item is highlighted in the list view, the notes are conveniently shown at the bottom of the program window, and you can edit them directly - you don't have to open an item by double-clicking on it.

You can sort the items in each to-do list by name, priority, type or due-date. When an item is checked off as completed, it goes to the bottom of the list, where it is greyed-out. It is still visible for future reference, but out of the way.

The options menu allows you to choose a hot-key combination to bring up the program, set the program to run at startup and choose fonts and colors for the various program items. The program has an excellent help file, and there is a support contact form on the Dextronet web site.

The Bottom Line...

If you just need to manage a simple to-do list, I would definitely recommend Swift To-Do List Lite. It's relatively lightweight, easy and intuitive to use, and performed flawlessly during testing for this review. You can download the program here > Swift To-Do List Lite.

Author's note - If you need help downloading, installing or using this software (or software from any review on this site), just post a comment. I would be glad to help - If I don't know the answer to your question, I can probably find out.


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