Thursday, March 20, 2008

HTML Colors 1.10 - HTML color codes are just a click away

HTML Colors

If you have a website, and you've ever tried changing the color of the background, text, etc., then you know about those cryptic HTML color codes. They look like this : #80FFFF . That's Light Blue in HTML-speak. Now how are you going to remember that? Chances are you are not.

Enter HTML Colors. This handy little utility allows you to pick a color from the windows palette, copy its HTML color value to the clipboard, and paste it into your HTML code. It's quick and easy to use. You just click on the color bar, which brings up the familiar Windows color selector. Then you click on the color that you want and press the "Copy" button. The HTML color value for that color is now in your Clipboard. Just go back to your HTML document and Paste the value into it. That's it.

Because of its small size, it's easy to position the program window over a view of the web page you are modifying. This makes it possible to match colors easily. Also, you can save an extra mouse-click by checking the box next to "Auto copy hex value after selecting a color". This copies the value to the clipboard immediately after you select the color.

One other note about the program - If you click on the "Exit" button, the program closes completely. If you click on the "x" (top-right corner), it minimizes to the system tray, ready to be used when clicked on. It uses almost no memory (less than 1K), so this is a handy feature.

While you are at the author's website, look at some of the other cool free programs that he has been kind enough to write and make available. HTML Colors is free for personal use, and can be downloaded here - HTML Colors .

Author's note - While finishing up this review, a visit to the author's website revealed that this program has been updated to version 1.20. The biggest change seems to be that you can now change colors directly from the taskbar icon menu - this makes the program even more useful. I will post an update after trying out the new version.


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