Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free tools and resources for Bloggers

Since starting this blog, I've come across quite a few good free blogging tools and resources.  I've benefited a lot from other's sharing these, so I decided to write a post every now and then including a few of these with a short desription.

Free Blogging Tools

Apollofind Website Counter

Apollofind counter

This little counter widget is from .  You can register for a free account there, and pick up the code for this widget.  You'll not only get an accurate count of the number of visitors to your site, but they track all kinds of traffic data for you on their site.  Just log into your account and click on All-In-One Report, and you can see number of visits, page views, number of returning visitors, which pages visitors viewed, where the visitors came from (gives the url or search engine that referred them to your site), and a host of other information.  Definitely a bargain for the price.

BlogRush Widget

BlogRush widget

BlogRush is a new service that can help you increase traffic to your blog.  You can see their widget in action on the right-hand side of this blog.  Here's how it works - You get a credit each time someone visits your blog and the BlogRush widget is displayed. For each credit that you have, a link to your latest blog post is displayed in the BlogRush widget on another BlogRush users blog. You can get BlogRush here.

Free Blogging Resources is an excellent resource for Bloggers.  They have articles, tutorials, downloads and a a blogging forum with an active user base.  I would highly recommend this site to new (or not-so-new) Bloggers.  Join the site and then start participating in the friendly forums, you'll be surprised at what you learn in a short time. is another excellent site with an active user community.  You can add your blog to their directory, and then jump over to the forums to learn about blogging or help others with questions.


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