Monday, February 11, 2008


Welcome to the No Cost Software blog. This blog will be devoted to what I believe are some of the best No Cost Software programs on the net. Look for reviews, tips on how to use and questions and answers for No Cost Software programs in a variety of categories. These categories will be developed over the next several months, as reviews in each category are completed.

A few words about the name of this blog – Actually, I wanted to call it “Best Free Software”, but that name was taken on Blogger. So I coined a new term, “No Cost Software”. By “No Cost Software”, for the purposes of this blog, I mean any software that can be downloaded, installed and used without cost for personal use, period.

This definition necessarily includes some software that is proprietary, some that is open source, some that is considered free as in the Free Software Foundation definition. Some of the software that I review will even contain ads as the author's way of making a living from writing it – but rest assured, I am only reviewing software that I use frequently, and I do not like adware.

But I am willing to live with unobtrusive ads if the software package has some real value for me. Also, this definition includes some programs that are lead-ins to more advanced or capable programs – for example personal editions of programs that have a more powerful, paid cousin for business use.

Ok, enough of that. Please feel free to post comments and questions to the posts that I write. If you have suggestions for free software programs that you have found useful, and would like to see reviews of them, send these suggestions to me at Suggestions

For now, check back soon for my first review in the category of PC Utility Programs.


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