Monday, February 11, 2008

Disk Cleaner – A small, fast, free PC disk cleaning utility that just plain works

Even the name is simple – just plain Disk Cleaner. Runs in only a few seconds, and cleans over 120 types of temporary files that are left on your hard disk. This includes Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera temp files, as well as a host of other types created by common applications.

I've been using Disk Cleaner on my Windows XP SP2 machine for over a year now – I run it once or twice a day, and use a couple of other PC cleanup utilities weekly – they don't find much in the way of temporary files left over at the end of the week. I especially like the fact that it's fast and easy to use – When you launch Disk Cleaner, it takes just a few seconds to search out the temporary files before the program comes up – then you just press the Clean button and it only takes a few seconds more to clean the files. Close the program and you're done! The whole process only takes a minute or so.

The first time you run Disk Cleaner, you do need to select the files and categories that you want to clean – some are selected by default but most are not. This is necessary, for example, because you might not want to clean the cookie files in IE, Opera or Firefox – many websites store login and preference data in cookies, so be careful about deleting them. Disk Cleaner will automatically save file cleaning preferences, and will apply those automatically the next time it runs.

Disk Cleaner also can be easily configured to run in “Quiet Mode” (runs in background and deletes files automatically), and at startup (in Quiet Mode).

You can download Disk Cleaner v. 1.5.7 here.

Note to Windows Vista users – A visit to the help forum on the author's website reveals that the program has not been updated for Vista – users seem to be having mixed results, mostly due to Vista's new way of handling file access permissions. So I wouldn't recommend this program for Vista users.

By the way, I mentioned that I use a couple of other PC cleaner utilities – They are Ccleaner and Advanced Windows Care – I plan reviews of these utilities in the near future.


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